Master class on Vedic cooking from the masters of the studio "Amritaloka"

On April 15, we set out on a gastronomic tour of mysterious India on a culinary master class from the cooks of the Vedic culinary courses «Amritaloka»!

«Amritaloka» is an unusual culinary project with its unique characteristics, combining practical knowledge on cooking vegetarian dishes at home and a special moral spiritual approach to the process of creating food. India is the cradle of Vedic culture, and the food prepared according to the fundamental principles of Hinduism is designed not only to energize our bodies, but also to take care of the health of the soul!

«People are constantly in an aggressive environment – among aggressive sounds, unpleasant odors, disharmonious forms, poor quality food, etc. As a result, the stress is constantly accumulating, but when we eat food cooked according to Vedic standards, it can bring satisfaction to all five senses, and, ultimately, to the mind», – said one of the founders of the project, Mikhail Trufanov.

In the lesson, each participant will find inspiration and will be able to make sure on his own experience that vegetarianism is not just another trend, but also a useful, incredibly diverse way to moral harmony and longevity!

Chefs-professionals Anton Makarov and Artem Ivanov will make a brief excursion into the world of ancient Vedic culture, share unique vegetarian recipes and will help to find the right spiritual mood for creating culinary masterpieces!

Traditional Indian dishes in our master class’ program:

  • Walnut sabdzhi
  • Alu Patras
  • Caramel Halava

The lesson is paid in the donation format, which means that you determine the cost of the entrance ticket.

Starts at 12:30

Address: m. Vladykino, 4/9 Gostinichnaya st., Maxima Zarya Hotel, restaurant "Europe"

We're waiting for everybody!

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