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Gastronomic trip to the heart of Asia

Today in hotel Maxima Hotels was a very tasty event - our guests had a gastronomic trip to the heart of Asia. Our wonderful chefs surprised everyone with this dish – Shurpa. Thanks to the fact that the cooking was took place on fire, the smoke from burning firewood gave the shurpa a special taste. Nobody could resist! So, what is Shurpa? If you believe the dry language of scientific definitions, the Shurpa is a filling soup that is common in the East, characterized by high fat content, the presence of large-cut vegetables, an abundance of spices and herbs, with the addition of fruit. But we know with you that this is not just soup, but a real treat! Shurpa from mutton has been preparing for several hundred years and at the same time does not lose its popularity. Traditionally, this dish should be cooked in a cauldron, incredibly delicious turns of lamb shurpa, cooked at the stake. In our hotel you can always find this incredibly delicious, fragrant, hearty dish with tender slices of mutton. And that is what we have done today – of course, it was very delicious )