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13th birthday of Maxima Hotels

Maxima Panorama Hotel Maxima Cafe hosted the great presentation to the winners of the contest " Our 13th b-day, bit all gifts to you" on December 22. The event was timed to coincide with the celebration of the company's thirteenth birthday.

The iconic guests of the hotel chain (the winners of the contest) were invited at the awarding ceremony which Maxima Hotels conducted on their social networks. At the ceremony of awarding prizes were invited to the iconic guests of the hotel chain - the winners of the contest, which Maxima Hotels conducted in their social networks.

The presentation ceremony was foreshadowed by the reception and opening speech of Maxima Hotels employees who noted the special attention of the jury members to the selection of the winners of the contest: "As you know, the main condition for participation in the competition was the story of the 13. Our team had the great honor to get acquainted with the many stunning stories that you sent to us. Some of them were intrigued, others made us to be moved, and still others could serve as the basis for writing the whole poem. It was really very difficult to us to choose only 13 best stories".

The introductory part was replaced by direct delivery of gifts. The first announced winner was Anastasia Divinskaya. The girl was glad to receive accommodation in the "Modern" suite as a gift from the hotel chain. Anastasia said that it was not the first time that she had become a part of Maxima Hotels events. It turned out that her participation in the "Tasty Duel" held last year in the restaurant Europe, literally changed her life. Then the girl promised herself and her husband that she would become a master of cook, if she was a finalist of the contest. So it had happened, and the former cashier Anastasia  went to her dream - the title of a true cook.

The talents of the participants of the competition and their desire for victory were noted by the partners of the hotel chain. City Sightseeing Russia provided Irina Galkina with two tickets for a bus tour of Moscow. TV tower Ostankino would be glad to meet the winner of the contest Nikita Gerasimenkov. Competitions at Maxima Stills will be able to visited by Ekaterina Ivanova (Mickiewicz), while Pavel Smirnov was waited by the merry hours at the water park "Kva-Kva Park".
A full list of winners and their history you can find here.

Each guest of the event had the opportunity to personally congratulate Maxima Hotels team with the b-day has come and to thank them for the attention given to each story. The hotel chain in Moscow every month hold contests and solemn events for their guests, trying to make their stay in Moscow even more memorable.