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Happy Birthday to Maxima Hotels

Maxima Hotels has been making its guests happy by excellent service, cozy atmosphere and great gifts for 13 years now. Every year atmosphere in our hotels is becoming more comfortable, and we are giving our guests more and more presents every year. So today perhaps, the biggest contest, that Maxima Hotels had ever spent, started. From September 13 to December 15, you have the opportunity to win...

The contest-concert "Firework of Talents"

On September 9 and 10, Moscow celebrated its 870th birthday. Grandiose celebration was held on streets of the capital, the same cheerful and joyful event was held in the Moscow region, there was a contest-concert "Firework of Talents" in “XL” shopping center. It was organized by the water park "Kva-Kva Park" with the support of Maxima Hotels. Here you could see dance performances, singing songs...

Results of the contest "Max Guest"

This summer Maxima Hotels held the contest "Maxima Guest", to win in which meant to get a great present – IPhone 7! The contest was really big - users of Instagram, VKontakte and FaceBook took part in it. Guests of the hotel shared with their subscribers impressions of accommodation in Maxima Hotels and photos made here. The winner of the contest was chosen by us with help of a random number ge...

Fort Boyard in Maxima Park

Have you ever heard about Fort Boyard? Of course, everyone has! This game is known all over the world, in Russia it appeared in 1990, just then the first Fort Boyard-show was broadcasted by Russian TV. And now Fort Boyard is not only a TV show, it is a real game! You will be told in details about this in Maxima Park. Moreover, here you can take part in this game! Here yesterday, August 19, Park...

Results of the wedding contest

We are glad to share with you the results of the contest, which Maxim Hotels hold with Happy Wedding, and announce the winners. From July 10 to August 10, three prizes have been playing on the page Maximum Hotel VKontakte: accommodation in "Marine" suite, accommodation in "Venus" junior suite and visiting Maxima SPA-center. All contestants were deserved to win, and the judges had to make a diff...

Travels are not expensive

Travels are not expensive Rosneft and Maxima Hotels created a joint offer. All holders of Rosneft cards "Family team" can receive 10% of the payment for accommodation in Maxima Hotels. If you are going to Moscow, be assured that "Maxima Hotels" will take care of making your trip cheap, but at the same time comfortable. Bonuses‘ll be received on your card, you’ll be charged 0.10 points for every...

Gastronomic trip to the heart of Asia

Today in hotel Maxima Hotels was a very tasty event - our guests had a gastronomic trip to the heart of Asia. Our wonderful chefs surprised everyone with this dish – Shurpa. Thanks to the fact that the cooking was took place on fire, the smoke from burning firewood gave the shurpa a special taste. Nobody could resist! So, what is Shurpa? If you believe the dry language of scientific definitions...


Today Maxima Hotels's on BITE - Beijing International Tourism Expo. The exhibition takes place since 2005, it's one of the greatest events in travel industry. We're waiting for interesting meetings and acquaintances.

The Maxima Stables event

Dear friends! On the last day off on June 4, the Maxima Stables family event was wrapped up in the Maxim Park Hotel. This time the cup was attended not only by eminent athletes and young riders, but also their families! Winners of the competition were awarded memorable prizes and gift certificates for accommodation in one of the hotels of Maxima Hotels. Maxima Hotels from the bottom of the hear...

Elegant tea tasting from the brand VKUS

The Russian tea culture has long become an integral part of our daily life! On May 18, Thursday, in the main hall of restaurant "Europe" a tasting of exquisite VKUS teas with a unique recipe took place. VKUS tea embodied European ideas about the original Russian culture, which was formed over several centuries. The atmosphere of luxurious noblemen's estates with their shady pergolas inspired th...