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Competition "The show of dog agility" in Maxima Stables

Dear Guests! We are glad to inform you that on March 11 there took place demonstration performances "The show of dog agility" in Maxima Stables. We couldn't miss this event and we decided to support all participants at the event, having provided valuable company gifts from Maxima Hotels. We congratulated all participants!

Delicious competition: Pancake week in Maxima Hotels!

A new delicious competition took place in the “Europe” restaurant Maxima Zarya Hotel on the 21st of February. Anastasia and Pavel took part in it presenting their recipes of pancakes with different fillings. Every guest could become a jury of the show by voting for the best variant of the pancakes, but it was not so easy to make choice. All in all it was decided to give Maxima Hotels SPA-center...

Speed Dating in Maxima Hotels!

Maxima Hotels prepared an original surprise for its Guests on St. Valentine’s Day! The Europe restaurant Maxima Zarya Hotel had an evening of Speed Dating. Everyone could take part in it. Also the most active ones were invited to the romantique quest by our Partners.

Maxima Hotels became a partner of the “Monster Mania” show!

The first extreme show “Monsters’ Plays” took place on the 11th of February on VTB Ice Palace known as Legends Arena. Maxima Hotels became a partner of this event. The best BMX, MTB, Monster Trucks and FMX sportsmen took part in it, showing their skills and unlimited opportunities!

Maxima Hotels is an official sponsor of the “Christmas Equip Cup” in Maxima Stables!

A new season of the equip sport competition in Maxima Stables was ended! We are glad to congratulated all sportsmens and members of comptetition!

Maximum Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is coming! January 30th Russian Internet - shops will begin grandiose sales. And we did all that in our hotels you as comfortable as possible to make purchases. Free WiFi and a super high-speed Internet Monday for all the guests Maxima Hotels!

Maxima Hotels recommends: Active rest for those who want to know more!

An exhibition of high technologies “Smit.Space.” is an interactive space of innovations where the latest developments are presented. Maxima Hotels recommends!

Discover Moscow with Maxima Hotels: Hockey lessons by Aleksei Yashin!

Hockey is the main winter sport! Maxima Hotels recommends everyone to visit free master classes by Aleksei Yashin, a famous Russian hockey player and an Honored Master of Sports! Get excited on these weekends!

Maxima Hotels is an official sponsor of the “Christmas Equip Cup” in Maxima Stables!

A new season of the equip sport competition in Maxima Stables is opening! The first series will take place from the 20th of January until the 22nd of January 2017 where Maxima Hotels will become a Sponsor of the Cup!

Discover Moscow with Maxima Hotels: I love Chanel!

Maxima Hotels recommends “I love Chanel. Private collections” exhibition in the Museum of Fashion on Ilinka street. Feel the atmosphere of Paris of the beginning of the 20th century and discover life and art of Coco Chanel, one of the most important figures of the fashion industry!