Weather in Moscow



Discover Moscow with Maxima Hotels: «Romeo and Juliette» Ballet at the Performing Arts Center!

A classic ballet is a wonderful idea for the pleasant evening. «Romeo and Juliette» combines the epoch of Renaissance and unbelievable emotions at the Moscow Performing Arts Center, located 15 minutes away from Maxima Panorama Hotel! Maxima Hotels recommends!

Maxima Hotels recommends pony riding in Maxima Stables!

For little investigators Maxima Hotels recommends you to visit country equestrian club Maxima Stables to ride on the most wonderful ponies! A team of professional instructors and full-time lessons for young riders is always at your serice. Also ponies of Shetland breed are waiting for you! Children get a lot of joy playing with them!

Maxima Hotels Partner «Shopping Malls XL» is inviting everyone!

«Shopping Malls XL» - all you need in one place! XL – 1 has shops, food courts and ATMs (Dmitrovskoe shosse, 89) XL – 2 has a big supermarket and lots of shops for those who want to change something at home (Mytishchi, Kommunisticheskaya street, 10, build.1) XL – 3 has one of the biggest aquaparks «Kva-Kva Park», lazer painball club and «XL Bowling» (Mytishchi, Kommunisticheskaya street, 1) Dis...

Maxima Hotels recommends: The Night Skating Ring

Теперь зимние развлечения столицы доступны в ночном режиме: в Москве открыли ещё один бесплатный каток на Чистых прудах! Now winter time activities are available at night! One more skating ring has been opened on Chistye Prudy. Maxima Hotels recommends!

Maxima Hotels congratulates on the International “Thank You” Day!

Maxima Hotels is glad to share wonderful news with all the Guests! According to the largest travel portal TripAdvisor Maxima Zarya Hotel joined Top-25 of the Hotels with the best prices in Russia and got its TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice 2016 emblem! Thank you for being with us! Thank you for your support! Thank you for choosing Maxima Hotels!

Maxima Hotels recommends: Trampoline center New Year programme!

New Year programme in a trampoline center «NEBO» is a perfect end to the winter holidays! Funny games with Santa Claus, the most fabulous rescue operation of the Bunny Sky from the Snow Queen captivity and lots of other activities are waiting for your! Have a rest in Moscow with Maxima Hotels!

Maxima Hotels recommends: «Christmas light» Festival!

The central streets of the city will become brisk and bright due to the light constructions, wonderful Christmas tree balls and flickering figures! Maxima Hotels recommends!

Food tour with Maxima Hotels: Delicious competition!

Today the «Europe» restaurant Maxima Zaria Hotel has seen the second stage of the Maxima Hotels competition which started on the 29th of November in Vkontakte and Facebook groups. Aleksander and Anastasia, the participants have prepared the famous Russian salad, showing their skill and art. The winner of the contest has been chosen by the Guests of Maxima Zaria Hotel and Igor Viktorovich Nester...

Maxima Hotels recommends: Ice ballet in the center of Moscow!

The «Magic Ice Theatre» in Revolutsii Square is inviting everyone to its ice ballet shows! Maxima Hotels recommends!

Maxima Corporate Award: Summing up 2016!

Past week the first ceremony of Maxima Corporate Award took place in the «Europe» restaurant Maxima Zaria Hotel. 135 companies from different places of Russia were submitted into 27 nominations. The winners were chosen by the Maxima Hotels jury. All the participants received special gifts and invitation tickets for the BBQ Party which will take place in a new suburban complex, Maxima Park Hotel...