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Conferences & Meetings

Maxima Hotels offers modern, multi-functional conference and meeting rooms. Conference Centre of Maxima Hotels offers all the necessary equipment and stationery. In all conference halls of Maxima Hotels there is a wireless Internet access. We offer various options for coffee breaks, lunches, snacks and drinks for the participants. Professionalism of our staff will help you avoid additional financial costs and to hold the event at a high level. Each client will be served by personal coordinator.

Maxima Irbis Hotel

Meeting Room Irbis
Meeting Room Parameters Irbis

Cost per day:
20000 rub.

Maxima Zarya Hotel

Meeting Room Gauguin meeting room
Meeting Room Parameters Gauguin meeting room

Cost per day:
4500 rub.

Meeting Room Picasso
Meeting Room Parameters Picasso

Cost per day:
12000 rub.

Meeting Room Matisse meeting room
Meeting Room Parameters Matisse meeting room

Cost per day:
5500 rub.

Meeting Room Renoir
Meeting Room Parameters Renoir

Cost per day:
17500 rub.

Maxima Slavia Hotel

Meeting Room Slavia
Meeting Room Parameters Slavia

Cost per day:
6000 rub.

Maxima Panorama Hotel

Meeting Room Panorama meeting room
Meeting Room Parameters Panorama meeting room

Cost per day:
11000 rub.

Meeting Room Danilovsky hall
Meeting Room Parameters Danilovsky hall

Cost per day:
29000 rub.

Meeting Room Simonovsky hall
Meeting Room Parameters Simonovsky hall

Cost per day:
18000 rub.

Maxima Park Hotel

Meeting Room Конференц-зал Парк отель
Meeting Room Parameters Конференц-зал Парк отель

Cost per day:
13000 rub.