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Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy or ENEA (VDNKH in Russian)  is one of the largest exhibition, museum and recreational complex in the world. It’s one of the most popular tourist places in Moscow, annually visited by more than 25 million people from all over  the world. The opening ceremony took place on 1st  of August  in 1939, and since then the exhibitions on VDNKH are significant events for guests and residents of Moscow.

For 78 years people from all corners of the world  are gathering  to participate and visit the ongoing exhibitions. This fact  makes  the hotels  near ENEA incredibly popular. In addition, the territory is united with the Park "Ostankino". Annually more than 100 international events of various kinds take place on ENEA: exhibitions, congresses, festivals, holidays and exposure. The revival of the summer theater in 2014 attracted artists, including stand-up comedians and musical performers.

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Interesting facts about ENEA:

• Up to 1938 there was the forest instead of ENEA, whose territory was chosen and settled the Moscow Gypsies.

• Before the revolution of 1905, there was based a field circus on the territory of ENEA.

• The figures of girls in Fountain of Friendship of People had to personify the unity of  Soviet Republics, although the  number  of girls was 16, and the number of republics -  15.

Exhibitions List


Russian Elevator Week 2019

18.06.2019 - 20.06.2019 at VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy)

The international exhibition of elevators and lifting equipment "Russian Elevator Week" is the main business event of the Elevator industry in Russia, aimed at promoting the whole range of modern lifting and transport equipment in the Russian and foreign markets.

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