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History of Gostiny Dvor is a fantastic combination and struggle of two opposites, which reflect the very essence of the capital. The energy of freedom, adventure, creativity permeates streets Ilyinka and Varvarka Streets. That’s why exhibitions in Gostiny Dvor often attract the representatives of creative professions. Emerged in the XVI century, the exhibition center changed its appearance many times, increasingly adapting to modern trends. However, a large number of hotels near Gostiny Dvor and haven’t  appeared.

Having been in the status of the world trade center, the Embassy courtyard, the heart of the "capital of boredom" and "Moscow city", Gostiny Dvor was included in the "list of important monuments of architecture and monumental art, located within the Garden ring" in 1993. In particularly hot periods, when exhibitions change each other all the time, hotels near Gostiny Dvor  simply can not cope with the visitors. Fashion week in Moscow, the annual new year reception of the Mayor and Government of Moscow, gastronomic festivals, "Arms and hunting", Hi-Tech House and many events attract a high-status guests and admirers.

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