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The building of Grand Manege traces its history back to 1817. It was built in honor of the fifth anniversary of the victory in the war of 1812 by  Alexander I and was called "ekzercaro" - the house for military exercises. The construction was not as smooth as it would like to be. Weather conditions, architects ' plans, which were difficult to implement – all this seemed to hinder the erection of the building, and  the hotels near Grand Manege didn’t appear. Having been in the status of the government garage after the revolution, the Grand Manege became the Central exhibition hall only during the time of Nikita Khrushchev.

The New Manege is one of the components of Manege complex, which started a new era of city life – the era of electricity. Designed in the style of historicism and complemented by variations on the theme of old Russian architecture, the building to this day coexists with the achievements of high-tech. Guests of any exhibition in the Manege can see it personally.

Choosing a hotel near the Manege, do not forget that the cost of living in the center is extremely high and not always justified.  In addition, during the peak of the exhibitions, congresses and forums, hotels near the Manege are often overcrowded with guests. So why not to pay attention on something more budgetary, but comfortable at the same time? Hotel chain of  Maxima Hotels is a great choice for those who value convenience at an affordable price. If  you don't want to go far from the centre of the city, welcome to  Maxima Panorama Hotel.

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