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Student Day at Maxima Hotels

Maxima Hotels team heartily congratulates all students with Students day! We wish you to stay in a good mood,have good marks and endless merriment!

The finals of the photo competition Students day take place today. We asked all subscribers to our social networking to make a picture of their student card or diploma in the most creative scenery. Let's be honest, viewing your work has brought us enormous pleasure! There sre many creative images and our team had a lot of time discussing!
So... Congratulations Julia Lavrenova – the author of the wonderful picture. This girl literally painted the everyday life of a student hour by hour! We will be glad to personally congratulate the winner and to give her a certificate for accommodation at Maxima Hotels and ticket to the water Park "KVA KVA Park"!

Of course, we can't ignore other works, so we offer you to enjoy them: scroll the page until the very end and raise your mood! :)

And for those who do not have time to participate in the competition, but still wants to experience the real student life, we offer you to follow this link and take advantage of our special student rate!