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Culinary Duel in Maxima Park Hotel

Do you like to eat delicious food? Maxima Hotels restaurants exist to make guests happy with delicious food and drinks. But this weekend the theme of cooking has become even closer to us. There was a culinary duel dedicated to the cuisine of Germany, Peru, Malaysia and Belgium in Maxima Park Hotel.

Our good friends were gathered within the walls of the Banquet hall of Maxim Park cafe.

Of course, they should get hungry before eating. This was facilitated by a fascinating tour of the country complex, which helped guests to get acquainted with the picturesque places of the Gorki Sukharevsky village and the interior of Maxim Park Hotel.

The culinary duel began with the presentation of the teams and acquaintance with the chefs-coordinators of the event. The competition began with a warm-up, and continued with a lively struggle of cooks. Each team tried to impress the audience, we noted the process of cooking a hot Belgian dish, it was great. Steam, aromatic scents and artistry of guests made this culinary duel unforgettable.

The competition lasted an hour and ended with the presentation of the dishes. They were evaluated by a competent jury. Theu managed  to reveal the winner through long discussions and debates! The team representing the cuisine of Malaysia won the competition and was awarded with a special prizes.

All photos from the event are available here.

Our team has a special attitude to cooking, there are four restaurants under our brand, where culinary duels are held regularly. Do you want to become a member of one of them? Then follow our news!

Well, if you are inspired by team competitions, we offer to contact employees of Maxim Park Hotel! Our colleagues will be happy to hold a team-building event for you.