Weather in Moscow



Maxima Hotels recommends: The «Ice Moscow» Festival!

The «Ice Moscow» festival will be opened on Poklonnaya Hill at 6 p.m. on the 29th of December. The guests will have a chance to travel through Russia! Unique ice sculptures resembling different places of interest will be placed in the center of the festival space. Moreover Russian Santa Claus (Father Frost) will arrive to the opening ceremony directly from Veliky Ustyug to congratulate everyone...

Maxima Hotels recommends: «LedokolMir» music festival!

The main skating ring of Moscow on VDNH is inviting everyone to the «LedokolMir» music festival. Its headliners will be Russian pop stars Kristina Si and ST. Have nice weekends with Maxima Hotels!

Maxima Hotels recommends: Moscow fairs!

A time for Christmas fairs and New Year sales is coming! Maxima Hotels has shortlisted the most popular places for shopping souvenirs and gifts for the nearest and dearest: 1. The European Christmas fair on the Tverskaya square is a place where the Muscovites and all the guests of the city will be able to learn more about European Christmas traditions, visit master-classes and buy various souve...

Degustation breakfasts in Maxima Hotels: English pudding!

Maxima Slavia Hotel is glad to invite everyone to the «Slavia» café! Our weekly degustation breakfast will start at 8:00am on the 23rd of December! All the guests will get a chance to try the most delicious English pudding made of rice, cottage cheese and semolina flour! Bon appétit from Maxima Hotels! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Maxima Hotels recommends: Lights tunnel on Tverskoy Boulevard!

Tverskoy Boulevard is an ideal place for quiet strolls in the center of the capital. This winter it will be transformed into a wonderful installation, a 100 meters lights tunnel! Its twinkling will impress everyone and will become a perfect reason for the new Christmas selfie! Do not miss a chance to meet the upcoming New Year in a great atmosphere with Maxima Hotels!

«Delicious competition 2.0! Master-class by the Chef»: Stew in the Russian homemade style!

Maxima Hotels is glad to invite everyone to a «Delicious competition 2.0» at the «Venice» restaurant Maxima Irbis Hotel at 12p.m on the 22nd of December. Join the most delicious event by Maxima Hotels!

Maxima Hotels recommends: Dancing lessons on the main skating ring in Moscow!

The VDNH skating ring will be transferred into a large dance floor till the end of December! Everyone will get a chance to learn several easy pirouettes from the figure skating professionals dressed in costumes of the popular Soviet and Russian movie characters. The master classes are free for those who buy the tickets for the skating ring. Moreover guests dressed in carnival costumes will get ...

Maxima Hotels recommends: Christmas fair on the VDNH!

The annual Christmas fair will take place on the VDNH territory from the 18th of December to the 10th of January. Every guest will be able to find some unusual gifts and souvenirs for the dearest and nearest! Also the VDNH territory will be decorated with an alley made out of numerous lights showing the starlit sky. Its length will be 160 meters. The installation will be finished with a unique ...

Maxima Hotels recommends: «The Journey to Christmas» Festival!

Moscow starts its annual winter journey to Christmas! 42 New Year areas will be opened for the guests during a month. All of them will be decorated with unique art objects and installations. Moreover one will get a chance to take part in different street performances and buy some gifts and souvenirs at briskly decorated winter stalls. The most active citizens and guests will be offered to parti...

Degustation breakfasts in Maxima Hotels: Delicious pancakes!

The «Venice» restaurant Maxima Irbis Hotel is inviting you to its delicious degustation breakfast at 8:00am on the 16th of December! All the guests will get a chance to try the yummiest pancakes ever! Bon appétit!